What Foods Should Be Deleted Altogether From The Diet

What foods should be deleted altogether from the diet – Any fast food, all spice and “tasty” — chips, crackers, as well as products that invented beer ” by the way, and the beer itself.


I want to also mention the alcohol, specifically whiskey and vodka is extremely high-calorie foods, they stimulate the appetite, unnoticed, and permanently rebuild a unique liver tissue (as well as other our precious bodies — the brain, heart, blood vessels, pancreas).

Like water or juice during food intake affects the body – Water during or after a meal (the cool and quick SIPs) accelerates the transition of food from the stomach into the small intestine without due process.

This is a consistent cascade of enzymatic reactions and motor skills. Instead use — violation of digestion, absorption with the development of putrefactive processes in the intestine. And this is the breath, intestinal gas (pardon, with particularly unpleasant smell), poor complexion, headaches, and ugly mood.

What time of day should be the last meal – The Council “to 18.00” is very reasonable. And what do those who return home at 20-21 hour? Before leaving from work and especially before entering the grocery store-make a snack is a glass of hot tea with milk, Apple. Dine no more than 20 minutes (without a slow, thoughtful chewing).


But if you really want to eat — remember the warm milk or kefir, light vinaigrette (without salt and mayonnaise), baked apples and honey and in an hour after meal-sweet dreams without pangs of conscience and stomach!


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