Reasons Why People Get Weight

The weight is real, use the same scales. Best of all weighed on an electronic balance, barefoot and without clothes.

Weighing should be carried out one time a week – The exact weight of a person is determined after he renounces the use of salt for a few days. Thus, you get rid of excess fluid.

Reasons why people get weight – To combat obesity, first of all, you need to identify the reason for its occurrence. You can clearly identify these causes of weight loss:

The basic and the most common cause of excess weight is unhealthy diet. Often everyone morning lightly bites in the evening after work to satiety and goes to bed. Power was unbalanced. In response, the body lays extra fat.

Overweight is often a consequence of a disease. There are many diseases which are functions of the body and metabolism. People are treated with pills, many lie and eaten. Because of the small mobility are overweight.

Overweight women often appear after pregnancy and childbirth. Pregnant woman is eating for two, has no control over their food. The kid from that there is no harm, but to shape the behavior of the mother after the birth of the child is reflected in full.

The tendency to often is defined by Somatotype – The propensity to fullness depends only on n acquired genes, but also on the type of structure of the human body (Somatotype).


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