Peculiarities Of Buckwheat Diet

On peculiarities of buckwheat diet told us dietician, PhD, associate professor of the Kiev National University of Physical Education and Sports of Ukraine and founder of the NGO “Slim Ukraine “, dietician, endocrinologist Natalia Samoilenko.

HARD AND intrusive option – To get started you will be examined: buckwheat love you or not. If not, buckwheat diet does not suit you, because the game is not worth it, if you will through force and disgust cram a mess. If your answer is “yes”, then decide on what kind of diet you are willing to sit – mono or buckwheat, kefir and vegetables.

The first option – hard: only allowed steamed buckwheat, without salt, sugar, sauces, oils, etc. And all should drink water and tea (again the same without sugar). The second option – sparing. It is for him leaning nutritionists.

Need to be weighed in the morning and barefoot – Are you surprised that your scales often show different figures? If you are afraid that your weight is changing daily, it is worth checking how well you are weighed.

Weight person as it depends on the contents of the intestine, and the amount of fluid in the body. For example, if you will soon begin menstruation, the balance may show more than 2 kg.

This is due to an excess of body fluid, best done in the morning weighing. Please visit the toilet and bathroom on frequent basis.


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