Dry Milk And Strawberries Make The Face Brighter And Freshness

Milk powder has great charm with all skin types and works on purified and filtered all tinged signs because of pimples or dead cells or color pale dark, and we must ensure every girl that used milk powder in convinced her weekly or daily carried out by the skin of her face and her hands and her neck and her whole body.


He pointed out that milk powder is given a manifestation mentally a youth skin from the outside, which is a fatty layer, but beautiful and supple.

The inside is working to penetrate the pores open and fed underneath the outer layer of the skin and makes it supple internally and externally, and at the same time keeps the pores, prevents penetrate the dust and germs him from many problems, and given the degree of brighter colors and opening to the skin.


Strawberries with milk powder or liquid working to increase the luminosity of the skin and give it a pure form and taut youth and natural, and this mask specifically works on dislocations in the pores of the skin, and works on the freshness in addition to being given the lumen of the skin, such as that obtained by the girls through cosmetics.


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