Warming-Up And Important Factors Before And After Exercise

Muscle is the most neglected of the activities during all sports training. Says expert Sportswear I feel shocked at the number of women who engage in sport aerobics without never heard of, during their training with something named muscles and all the members of the body. In fact, the fundamental issue muscles to help you relax after all the hard training athlete.

Recently been talking about the seriousness of doing muscle at the beginning of the exercises on the grounds that they cause disruption, as well as severe pain later.


Therefore, more importantly, before doing any exercises Sports is conducting warm-up muscle because spend ten minutes in the warm-up exercises before doing any exercises regularly gives trainee post gradual in basic training.

Playing process heating muscle similar role to heat the car’s engine to allow oil lying down and access to all parts before starting the engine

For muscles, the process of warming up grant synovial fluid opportunity for movement active in the body as it leads to the activity of the circulatory and move blood around the muscles and allows the heart to double from gradually, and to end the training, the process of cooling the body is critical, too.

The more we grew older whenever this process is important for our bodies. In fact, when we finish training without our muscles, we in fact allow the blood to gather in parties.

Permission muscle can be used to give the blood a chance to return to the members, and therefore you chance dizziness and know that acid milk that accumulates in the muscles after exercise leads to fatigue, muscle and therefore resorting to members to ease the accumulation of acid milk are great as it is necessary a lot of drinking water after training so they can flush out the toxins or waste products from the body.


Is also known that with over the years, advances in age and as a result of laziness and lack of activity accumulates collagen leading to disability movement, which makes us feel.

Therefore do body leads to a fragmentation of the accumulation and melting and to minimize its impact and as a result it becomes, we can move freely and gracefully., and then we can If fell under the office desk to be able to bend and captured easily without any hassles we encounter.


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