To Lose Weight Does Not Have To Spend Hours Exercising

It’s a bit naive of you believe may have a cracked abdomen and fat at the same time.

While there is subcutaneous fat in the body, it will spend it in the first place and only then will you get fat from the tummy area. And there’s no way to change this mechanism with no diet.

Myth: You need to run very slimming.


To lose weight does not necessarily have to spend hours and hours on the treadmill or in the pool.

The belief that if you can just running burn fat is another myth

Yes, correct cardio active fat burning, but not at the expense of consumption of calories.

The only way to truly slim down is creating negative caloric balance, i.e. to spend more power than it gets from food.

If you prefer to take an hour to spend 700 calories has to refuse a plate of macaroni and cheese – the choice is yours.

But it is easier to control the food.


While not begin to control the amount of food you eat, you cannot lose weight or have a healed abdomen. Making lists of suspected foods permitted and prohibited, as well as diets with point counts, is nothing more than a self-deception.

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Get rid of the protruding belly and visceral fat is not that difficult: just have a basic control over what you eat, and exercising at low intensity cardio several times a week.
The main thing is not to hurry and psych that will get gradual results


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