Localized Fat In Problem Areas

Localized fat in problem areas have different receptors that even under the action of aerobic exercise, not itself activate the processes of burning fat and blood circulation, but before the suspend.

Under the effect of the metabolism of fat cells in problem areas undergoes changes and becomes more sensitive to adrenaline released in cardio exercises. But the common fat ends up not having virtually no effect.


How to choose an effective fat burner? Ranking Fit Seven the best thermo genie and fat burners.
Supplements for Fast Weight Loss

Whatever you say advertising, burners have no ability to burn fat by themselves and their respective intake without exercise training is absolutely useless. Moreover, even is more directed to delineate the body than to lose weight.

The effect associated with the ingestion of fat burners is mainly due to inhibition of appetite (just one begins to eat less) as well as the elimination of water from the body. But after I finish ‘treatment’, this short-term effect quickly disappears.

Oxy Elite Pro will be the best thermo genie?

Oxy Elite Pro The drug, produced by the American company USP labs is, several years ago, the sales leader in the category and thermo genie fat burners in the United States and worldwide.

Its main active ingredient is the aforementioned iodine.

According to Wikipedia:


According to the manufacturer, Oxy Elite Pro accelerates the burning of fat by acting on the receptors ‘problematic’ also fat and visceral fat. Furthermore, this supplement increases body temperature and inhibits appetite (2) .


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