Rules Of Food Are Important For Building Strong Muscles Of The Body

Get strong muscles without gaining more weight and thus enjoy the man to health and fitness is no longer difficult to reach him.

But only to follow the man to some of the rules of basic food needed to build muscles body strong, so we offer you today through ” site Eve “some dietary rules essential for building muscles body strong.

Rules of basic food to build muscle body strong: Calories:  Certainly exercise is important for strong muscles in a short time, the man’s need to gain pounds of muscle every week, which requires the addition of 500 – 1000 calories per day gradually, at a rate of 10 calories per pound, but if the guy exercise exercises harsh, it must increase this rate to 17 price per pound, and through diet integrated distributor to 5 meals rich in nutrients varied.

Protein is determined by the proportion of the needs of men of protein extent of the sensitivity of the body to insulin and on the basis of metabolism and levels of body fat.

So it can be the beginning as far as at least 1 – 1.5 grams of protein per pound of the weight of the man, then you must add 25% every week if not observed Man any developments, and can eat protein through a balanced diet.

Taking into account the diversification of the sources of different protein and foremost of which is: meat Buffalo, chicken, turkey, fish, and eggs. carbohydrates:

You must consume the man at least -grams of carbohydrate per pound, and this can be done through the following system: dealing with a man and a meal of carbohydrates before exercise, and one during exercise, and after an hour of the end of the exercise, and then after 4 hours.


6 Important Tips For Building Strong Muscles Of The Body

Wished some of the men that have their bodies look the world champions in bodybuilding, making them cherish the practice exercise in excessive eating meals rich in protein before and after exercise to achieve this goal will be to build muscle.

And because we know very well that building the muscles of the body strong depends on several steps scientific, recognize together on how to build the muscles of the body strong. How to build the muscles of the body strong:

1 – It must supply the body is always balanced diet contains a sufficient amount of protein when you exercise intensely, but advised to take these quantities by natural food.

2 – The protein is a vital element is important not to practitioners exercises muscle and by, but also to those who engage in endurance exercise, and said that these people should take note that eating an adequate amount of protein, explaining that eating protein at a rate of 8.0 to 1 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight is enough to cover the need of athletic normal protein, but it addresses More than that, it converts the function of metabolism natural to represent the protein, which represents a problem for the kidneys.

3 – The German expert to continue eating a normal, balanced, stressing that the natural nutrition grant rights in most cases enough protein. Pointed expert that the protein is not stored in the body completely; therefore, must be present at each meal, especially at dinner; because the members of the body need a lot of this material at night.

4 – Explained it is possible to increase the amount of protein covered by the person in exceptional cases, if subjected to the burden of redundant for a short period, as is the case then participate in a contest for a marathon or during the intensive phase in building muscle, here allows people to eat the amount of protein equivalent of 2 to 3 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight for a period not exceeding two weeks to four at most to be back after the rapid rate of natural protein intake.

5 – when the body’s building a large amount of muscle, happens to be the size of muscle fibers that contain more rules protein thicker and explained, the muscles in this case the change of form where they grow muscle tissue small, and is a source of motivation to exercise this muscle growth where this incentive urges members to absorb more protein. And the most prominent types of exercises that are most effective for this growth is what is known as group exercises burn where exhausted maximum energy performance of the muscles are.

6 – Expert stressed Mathematical Sciences that this incentive in Exercise is critical for what happens after that, pointing out that without this motivation can we eat more protein but will not grow in this case only the thighs and abdomen because the protein in excess of the body’s need as well as with the stock accumulates fatty body.

Exercises To Get Rid Of Stress

Suffers most of us from the stress of physical and intellectual, and weight gain as a result of sitting for a long time without movement because of imposed our job.

But if so, the damage to health and the reality, but in order to avoid any health damage caused by lack of movement would prefer to do exercises sports, especially for prevention.

But if you lively and capable of getting out of bed in the morning without feel any hassles physical being physical as usual, there is nothing wrong, because you do not need advice or exercises the following:

All you have to do is to spend only ten minutes each day until you feel after a short period greatness.

The beauty of what you will be asked by, and such exercises will improve blood circulation and make your skin shine and will maintain your muscles supple and strong and your body taut and full of youth and vitality at the same time will increase the power of your energy to the highest possible standards.

As will those exercises on the launch shipments of tension and enhance self-esteem. As those exercises your body a sense of depression and exhaustion, and two cases accumulation of fat in the body.

The muscles will benefit in lifting your spirits and helper in getting rid of calories, which refuses to settle and accumulate in the body. Except for of tension and fat, these exercises to strengthen your muscles and stimulate metabolism to give you a body stronger beautiful and more attractive.

The following exercises are useful for reducing pain. Strengthen the muscles of the stomach excellent training to get rid of the fatty folds on the muscles of the stomach and hips and center. The training is good for softening the spine and increase agility thighs.

Endowment with spacing between the legs and make the right foot form an angle of 90 degrees, while the list of my left foot in front.

Pull your stomach muscles to the home and the extent of your arms away from your body forming a straight line, and try to catch the heads of the fingers of your right foot with your right hand.

And dress to extend your body down as far as you can. Inhale air-filled lungs and air later meanwhile lift your left arm to the maximum D can you access it. And pull your shoulder back until your fingers can be directed to the rear.

Aerobic Exercises And Their Relationship To The Perfection Of Objects

We often hear the word and many players do not understand the meaning of the word and originally understood, does not find the importance of exercise.

Aerobic exercises with the utmost importance in improving the level of the player and add details on his body and his muscles and then the symmetry of the year.

And to write on this subject several reasons.

1) Ignorance bulks the importance of this exercise and non-exercise.

2) The right way to burn fat and reduce weight and not training with weights, unlike common if you want to reduce your weight are exercises aerobics is the foundation and be exercises weights are CMOS and vice versa.

3) Try to help in the transfer of colleagues from the stage of initiation to the stage of professionalism or good practice.

4) Problems met me personally during my flight training and I cannot find the solution, but with the beginning of my practice for reap the dividends magnificent.

5) Demolition and compositions and harbingers heard a lot of non-specialists for aerobic right all kinds of activities and exercise are divided into two main types first exercises anaerobic either second is aerobic exercises.

For example, to train with weights on the way bodybuilding (lifting weights with large number of occurrences of a few in a short time) is considered

Exercises an aerobic because they are in the absence of oxygen any you to push the weight or lift it and you muffler your breath after a period of aspiratory average depth in order to succeed in performing the movement properly, which means its high intensity explosive to the muscles of the body.

So that the body is deprived of supplying the muscle that is located by training oxygenating so notes you gasping deeply after the group severe intensity where your body in desperate need for oxygen, which deprived him for a while and then to rest between the groups to pick up your breath and so can the body that gets the fuel for the process of training the anaerobic.

He shall burn glycogen and blood sugar stored in muscle, liver, and blood stream and what progress can be seen that due to this short intense anaerobic and intensity, they hinder the body taking the reserves of energy stored as fat excess in the body and this destroys slimming through the weightlifting exercises and shows the victims who go.

The Story Of The Struggle Of The Oldest Champion Bodybuilder In The World

Body building for beginner’s body building video bodybuilding exercises bodybuilding program bodybuilding body building forum body building body building and sex

After six decades of that success is still go to the fitness center, but to help his son in the management of the center and help visitors to the place in how to get muscles like that she has.

And no longer holds weights as a result of a stroke suffered last year and despite the fact that his children did not behave the way one of them in bodybuilding, but the training helped him get several awards, where he trained champion bodybuilder, while another student has succeeded in obtaining the title of champion of the universe.

The secret of his long life is to stay happy and simply deal with problems in addition to the food component of milk, fruits, vegetables and rice with lentils and thickness to maintain health, and added that he did not smoke throughout his life and never tried alcohol.

However, the only thing you regret it is not to interview his colleague, the most famous course in the universe champion bodybuilder Arnold, adding that he had seen many of the films made by Arnold and was impressed.

Having met sons and grandchildren and grandchildren of his sons in the western city of Kolkata to celebrate his birthday, which the Indian priests sang prayers in Hindu held a feast in his honor outside his home.

Your Daily Calorie Intake And Its Relationship To Weight Steadily

Spread on the Internet sites that are calculated daily need of calories, which vary by sex, age, height and weight.

Examples of site which offers a tool to calculate the daily need of calories to maintain weight, and weight reduction, and the reduction of extreme weight. The site also contains useful information on how to use these indicators, which I’ll try to translate it in this post.

Calories to reduce fat

Scientifically, every pound of fat (almost half a kilogram), is equal to 3,500 calories. So we need to cut calories needed by the body by 500 calories a day even lose pounds at the end of the week.

But, in fact, not be things such accuracy!

Generally, less than the energy needed by the body as they become less mass, which means that it is inevitable phase stability of weight. Ali diet already followed to reduce weight, has now become a reason for the stability of this weight.


When calculating the daily calorie intake, always follow the quantity required to reduce the weight, not quantity requirement for reducing extreme weight, because the latter is the minimum of calories daily, and the start of the system in this quantity could backfire. Could get used to this amount and then later have to cut your calories to below the minimum.

Weight stabilization phase

With the passage of time, our bodies adapt with low quantity of calories, our bodies become more energy efficient, which means metabolism (metabolic) slower, and thus burn less fat.

This is the point where the majority of up diet to weight stabilization phase. The solution here is to stimulate the metabolism, so by:

Increasing the duration of cardio (jogging and aerobics, etc)

How To Decrease The Weight Without Sagging Get

A lot of people suffer from sagging skin during the process of weight loss, when you lose weight very quickly cause the sagging skin, and when people lose their weight quickly, tend their bodies to burn muscle instead of burning grease leading to sagging skin.

Because the fat stored in the body more of muscle, fat takes its way toward cracking and sagging skin, with age, the skin loses its vitality, thus it is difficult to enjoy the skin vital during the process of weight loss.

If you are planning to follow a diet, but you afraid of sagging skin, follow these steps:

Try not to lose more than 2-3 pounds a 1 – 1.5 hits per week, Losing weight quickly lead to starvation of the body or what is called starvation mode (which means reducing the total calories to less than 500 calories of what requested by the body) and thus burn Body muscle rather than fat.

Start an exercise program before starting a diet, because muscle burns more calories than fat, and lift weights and build muscle by dieting will help you lose weight quickly and to keep the skin free of cracks and contouring after starting the diet.

Must be included in your system mathematical exercises (aerobics – aerobic) to lose weight without sagging skin, Exercises (aerobics – aerobic) help in reducing the level of your body (cortisol), which increases the weight-loss process

Eating several small meals during the day instead of three large meals to avoid sagging skin, eat small meals every few hours helps to stabilize blood sugar level of increase and decrease in metabolism by burning body fat as well as muscle.

Selection of fresh healthy foods, especially those that enhance the level of (collagen) such as soybeans, dark green vegetables, high food containing vitamin c, seafood, nuts, salt-free. These foods contain a lot of vitamin and minerals that help to enhance the elasticity of the skin by increasing the level (collagen).

Eat fruits and vegetables, such as beets and red berries dark, they contain lycopene (a nutrient found in red fruits and vegetables), which would act as anti-oxidants.

Drink plenty of water to lose weight, and the neglect of drinking water leads to weight loss slowly.


Black tea:

Black tea is common and essential in times of cold because it soothing the throat and may have many other benefits. Black tea contains an amino acid called thiamine, which may help support the immune system.

I found a small study in the Brigham Hospital in Boston tea that helps to increase the anti-virus and which helps to fight infection in people who drank five cups of black tea a day.

Is there another benefit? Hydration is very important that if you feel the drought tea, juice and water are good choices.


Cashew is not only a delicious snack, but it is also a good source of zinc, when the level of zinc low, the immune is too low. Your body needs zinc to activate T-lymphocytes that help the immune system to respond to infection and act as a first line of defense to attack infected cells. Other good sources of zinc include: beef, chicken, grains, beans and lobster.


Although the fresh strawberries are usually spring or summer, but you can listen frozen strawberries in a cold climate during the cold and flu season.

We think often that orange only a good source of vitamin C, but also strawberries are a good source of him, it plays an important role in strengthening the immune system and helps the body fight infection. Cantaloupe and grapefruit, kiwi, tomatoes, green and red peppers also contain vitamin C.


Iron is similar to zinc can cause a shortage to a lack of immune function, which increases the risk of infection and disease in the same context, the propagation of iron could hamper the immune system, so how much you need iron?

Daily requirement is recommended for men adult 8 mg and women 18 mg for women over the age of 50 years should be reduced to 8 mg quantity. Other sources of iron: red meat and turkey and tofu, grains and lentils.

Foods Strengthen Your Immune

We cannot avoid the cold and flu season, so we must take all measures to maintain the health of our bodies.

Wash your hands and sleep for 6-8 hours every night will help in maintaining the strength of the immune system and reduce the risk of infection and there are also changes in our diet helps to strengthen our bodies in this season.

While there is no food can be protected from influenza and colds resort to follow a balanced diet that includes foods from some of the eight boosters for immunity, namely:


Yogurt with fruit pieces, pillow or shake, yoghurt is a good source of beneficial bacteria called probiotics, these bacteria are important in the digestion process. It is important to maintain a healthy digestive channels to preserve the health of our bodies in general


Clinical studies have demonstrated a small study of 146 subjects that people who eat garlic supplements daily for 12 weeks to get sick less days.


You can imagine that the skin is the most important lines of defense for the body they protect what is within us from the outside world. It is important to maintain and ensure the vitamin A found in carrots is playing an important role the vitamin

A that improves the body’s immunity and deficiency leads to a weakened immune system and increases the risk of infection. So how much we need vitamin A? Advisable for adults eat between 700-900 micrograms. There are other sources of vitamin A include: kale, broccoli, squash, melons, apricots, fish and sweet potatoes.


It may be the old adage an apple a day keeps the doctor away true. Apples contain quercetin on a compound found in plant foods.

It has been proven that it helps to reduce the rates of the disease in athletes who are training exercises heavy. Foods contain: onions, tea, grapes, strawberries and turnips.

I Suffer Slim, How Do I Increase My Weight?

Why are you skinny? And when we say a person is “skinny”?

If he knew why the hero of wonder, know the reasons for thinness severe:

1. Genetic cause: to inherit the role of the thinness in some cases where a person is descended from a family where people.

2. Cause hormonal : Sometimes there is some deficiency in the work of one of the glands in the body that have a relationship in regulating body weight and fat burning and appetite, hunger and satiety.

3. Satisfactory reasons: some people become certain diseases to affect the psychology and lead to reduced appetite, or stay away from a particular food, or the inability to eat a whole sometimes.

4. Natural causes: like eating small amounts of food which leads to reduce the size of the stomach and thus sufficiency in small amounts of food, or the large number of daily movement, or frequent smoking so you should try to quit smoking.

5. Follow special diets to lose weight and keep it to limit access to the thinness and then the inability to recover normal weight.

6. Incidence of certain organic diseases such as hyper thyroid, severe anemia, certain digestive diseases that prevent the absorption of digested food, incidence of certain tumors or as a result of treatment.

7. Certain diseases psychological, such as severe depression, which causes loss of appetite, obsession that makes a patient did not feel hungry.

Thus clarity reasons easier for us to solve the problem.

If you are hormonal causes or satisfactory must go and for a nutritionist and a feminist analysis (sugar, anemia, endocrine and lack of calcium and vitamins) help us and guide us to treat medicinally and distract us medicines we need.

Write us vitamins of course take them without medical advice not from said he had bought from a pharmacy and to fit for someone else condition fit for you everybody has a need and take you to the wrong amount of redundant harm psychological reasons you need us can review aid

For natural reasons for these are returns to us, we need to change our habits and start again in a clear and permission of the One we get the weight and body to aspire to it.